Ride a Bright and Shining Pony

By Elisabeth Goss Stevens

BrickHouse Books, Inc.


About the book

When Cynthia, a young, low-level writer for a New York history book publisher, takes a bus to Washington, D.C. in August 1963 to spend her two week vacation with her lover, Lester, a newspaper reporter, she looks forward to making love, possibly quietly getting married. Instead, history intervenes. Cynthia, a conservative Northerner, and Lester, a liberal Southerner, are unavoidably drawn into the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. The peaceful idealism of the March is followed — all in the space of 24 hours — by racial violence, mayhem, and eventually, tragedy.
What others say about the book and author
Kirkus Review, Jan. 16, 2013
An engaging ... novel about personal upheaval during a time of monumental social change ... filled with compelling observations.
J. Vancil, Amazon.com review
This novel is a combination mystery, romance, play, and history lesson. When I reached the end I wished I hadn't.
Alison Comey, The Baltimore Sun
The Stevens style ... is vivid, unsettling, spectacularly effective.
About Elisabeth Goss Stevens
The writer-artist-critic Elisabeth Goss Stevens was born in Rome, NY and now lives and works in Sarasota, FL. She is the author of fifteen books of fiction, poetry and drama, and she also writes film, drama, art and book reviews for newspapers, magazines and the Sarasota internet radio station Radio SRQ.com. More about the author ...